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If training in a gym, what form of training/exercises should I do?


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Hi guys. I'm new to this site and really hope someone out there can help me smile.png I would love to know which are the best exercises to do in the gym to go alongside my ballet classes/training i.e. which cardio training would benefit me more (treadmill. cross trainer, rower etc) and for how long should I do it for and what is the best resistance exercises to do and how many reps and sets should I do?


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There really is no best thing to do. It really depends on what you are trying to get from your exercise program. It also has to be something you enjoy doing.


In my case, I exercise in the gym I created in my house and in other parts of my house. I do three 30 minute sessions a week. My reason for exercising is to maintain some kind of cardiovascular fitness and leg strength. I do a real mish-mash of things--weights, medicine ball, jumping, running, tumbling, and exercises I've invented. I get my heart rate up and keep it there by going from one exercise to another in a circuit. I always make sure my legs feel like they they have done some work. I do very little torso work as I do that when I get to the place where I dance. I never do the same routine twice. Every session is unique. When I do jumps, I do either rope skipping or ballet jumps. I try to toss in a stretch whenever my heart rate gets really high.


I'm a huge fan of being creative and doing unusual things. To illustrate my weirdness a favorite is to crawl down the steps (head first) from the second floor to the first floor, doing some overall exercise after reaching the first floor, crawling backwards (feet first) back up to the second floor, doing another all around exercise after getting to the second floor, repeating this for as long as you choose. I often do weird unusual exercises using common items (e.g., bags of salt, lawnmower, push cart)and taking advantage of the uphill part of my back yard. As dancers we are supposed to be creative. Creativity needs exercise too.


In the end I don't really think it matters what you do. Gym work is good for general fitness, but probably won't do much for your ballet. The best way to get better at ballet is to take a lot of ballet classes. For many of us adults, we like to be reasonably fit just for the sake of it, which is as it should be.

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I think you need to tailor to suit your own requirements as Garyecht has said, fins out what works for you, in my case, I use a cross trainer weights and some ballet exercises for about 25 minute's per day out side of classes, found strengthened my leg muscle's and up body strength for lifts etc. has improved


Try various general exercises and include Ballet ones and then combine them in various combinations of sure you will soon find what suit and is right for you

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