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What age to start son in Ballet?


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hi WendyMichelle- I too feel that I should post on this topic. Our 14yo DS has been studying ballet since he was 10- a relatively late starter. He didn't do anything like gymnastics or tumbling before this and has no real aptitude in this direction. My experience is that many boys start later compared to girls- this is often explained by their maturity (lack of actually) and preparedness to stand relatively still indoors for extended periods. Anyways my main comment for you is that our son has never been bullied because of his ballet. I know of many who have and we have taken specific steps to try and prevent this by choosing certain schools and enabling him to cope with teasing. I guess what I am saying is that being bullied is not a foregone conclusion. My husband wasn't exactly thrilled by DS doing ballet but he got used to it when he saw how happy dance made him. He too was mostly worried about DS being bullied and has been very instrumental in helping DS develop strategies. So you may be able to have your cake and eat it too! I wouldn't rush the ballet classes- all those other physical interests will be very useful to your son. When he is older I also think they are better able to defend themselves, understand how to be a 'dancing boy' and decide if they really want to do it. Good luck! and ps- I don't think there is a father around who didn't take a second look and a deep breath when their son said he wanted to study ballet! :) Some must adjust quicker than others.

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Score one for boys who dance! Last night when I picked up my 15 year old son from dance, he was grinning from ear to ear. "What's up sir?", I inquired. "I inspired a little boy to start dancing!!!", he says. He was so excited to tell me the story of how he became a *gasp!* role model! Our studio's front dance room is floor to ceiling windows with a sidewalk running past the front. The little boy was walking past one day as my son was in ballet class. The little boy stood for the longest time watching my son working on his leaps and turns. The boy turns to his mom and says "I want to do that!" so they have signed him up. Way to share the joy DS! :clapping:

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Wow! That is truly awesome, Dinkalinka!

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Love that Dinkalina! Truly wonderful.

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