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Now that I've passed my Intermediate Foundation examination (with merit I might add, hehe) I've decided to take the RAD Intermediate Exam in May of 2014. There is an examination session next month, but I am not ready to take it yet and I am way too busy with rehearsals for our end of year performance. I now know how things work in the exam, so I am less anxious about it, but still, I know it's going to be hard work getting ready for it. Plus I will be the only 33 year old taking this exam with girls a third of my age.


So, I was wondering if any other adults are (or are thinking of) preparing for this examination at the moment. You know, just to know that I am not alone in this. :P


I would love to share progress reports, tips, ask and answer questions.

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I'm not planning on doing my Intermediate exam, but I just wanted to say and early 'chookas!' (good luck) and good on you :)

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Thank you Miss Persistent and thank you for all the advice you gave me for my IF last year. :)

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I'm not taking it now, but I just wanted to say that I took it at 31 (7 yrs ago - eek!) and got merit, so don't worry about your age - just dance your socks off! It was a little strange waiting before the exam with all the teenage students but don't let that bother you, you bring something else to it with a bit of maturity.

All the best and have fun.

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That is the dance for the old elementary/intermediate.


The new intermediate has a choice of two dances. One is very classical in style, to the dream variation music from Raymonda act I. The other one is quite modern in style, but I can't remember what the music is, sorry! Students have a choice of either dance, they don't have to perfrom both of them.

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Here are the two current variations.

Variation 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh69uhIFdvg

Variation 2 http://www.downvids.net/rad-intermediate-variation-2-377061.html


It does feel a bit weird being three times the age of my fellow exam candidates, but I am not worrying about it too much. I am lucky enough to more or less blend in with the others. Here's a photo of all the Intermediate Foundation candidates taken not too long before the exam last year. Find the adult in there (other than the tall 40 something year old teacher at the back). :)


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Did you perform it as part of the Elementary or the Intermediate? I'm pretty sure it was part of the Elementary exam. Thanks


Pas de Quoi, you might be confused, because Elementary became Intermediate....


So now,

Pre-Elementary = Intermediate Foundation

Elementary = Intermediate

Intermediate Pt1 = Advanced Foundation

Intermediate Pt2 = Advanced 1

Advanced = Advanced 2


I was away from RAD when they first made the changes and was very confused on my return!!

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Da Pixie - do tell us which one you are! My guess is the front middle, but I'm probably wrong! You all look lovely! My Intermediates are usually 14/15, so you certainly aren't three times their age! Just a tiny correction Miss Persistent they changed the name from Intermediate pt 1 and 2 to Pre Intermediate and Intermediate and then it got changed again to Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1. Heavens it's so confusing!!! How long have you been working on the Intermediate? Do you already know all the work and the variations? If so then you are well away for May of next year. Best of luck and good for you!

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Hamorah, I'm the dancer in the middle of the back row. :)

The other girls in the picture were 11 and 12. I was 32 back then. Lol.

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I have been working on the technique needed specifically for Intermediate since August. Until the end of last month I had three weekly 2-hour privates. Right now I have 2 x 2 hour privates per week to work on that. (I had to cut down because of rehearsals for our performance in three weeks are taking up all our time). I know the whole barre and part of the centre. I have not started working on the variations yet, but I recognise bits and pieces in all the work my teacher makes me do.

I still have a lot of work to do in terms of proper placement and transfer of weight. The adage is difficult. It requires one to really really be on one's leg in order to pull it off.

I have to work on the pointe section as well. I am not feeling overly stable when doing échappé relevés in centre yet, but getting there.

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they changed the name from Intermediate pt 1 and 2 to Pre Intermediate and Intermediate and then it got changed again to Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1. Heavens it's so confusing!!!


Oh yes! I did forget about that - thank you. I wonder how long until we have to change them all again!?! ;)

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So I've decided to go with the second variation. I've been working on it for three (private) classes so far. Going pretty well I think.

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