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Hi all!!


At my school they are going to be auditioning for 'Dorothy' for the next dance show. The dance show is 'Mallace In Wonderland' and Dorothy is one of the main characters...


I desperately want to audition but I have no clue what type of dance to do, what music or anything!!!


So basically, If anyone could help me with any idea of how to portray Dorothy (solo piece btw) I would be grateful!


Thanks :)

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Hello LucyRose, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Before I get to your question, I would like to suggest that you send me a change of display name. It's not wrong to use your real name, but we just don't really think it's safe for young dancers to do so. If you would click on Contact Us, up at the top of the page, and send an email, it will come to me. Give me two or three choices for a different name to show on your posts, in case your first choice is already in use. :)


I wish I could help you with your audition question, but I only know about Alice in Wonderland, so I really don't have a clue who Dorothy is, or what this ballet is like, as I have never heard of "Mallace in Wonderland". It could be based on Alice, but maybe be very different. You need to find out something about this ballet in order for us to help you.

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