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Approaching a teacher about SIs


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My daughter is almost 14 and is considering going away for an SI next summer. She isn't 100% sure though; it's probably 50/50 at this point, given her home studio also offers a solid 4-week program, plus classes in June and August.


When would be a good time for her to approach her main teacher about this to ask her opinion on places to consider? Now? After Nutcracker? Is there a better or worse time to talk about it?


Thanks for any advice. :)

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For my DD13 I have been talking with her teacher already. I gave her a list of those DD is interested in and asked she give me her feed back. As some of the SI' require preregistration we can not wait until after Nutcracker. It is best to have your list of those you are interested in, plus dates for auditions if possible. That way you are also giving heads up if your DD will be missing class for them. If you know you are going to need to do an audition video asking for that time is also good. Plus if you need pictures you may need to schedule this with the studio (ours let us take pictures in the classroom).

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Personally, I think it depends on your daughter's studio. If the instructor is very busy with Nutcracker, I would wait until afterwards to approach them about intensives. Most studios have classes during the break after Nutcracker so their students can keep in shape for audition season so you can discuss it then. You can also take photos for intensives at that time as well. If you try to discuss it when the studio is busy with Nutcracker, you might not get a thorough response. If your studio is more laid back, what we have done in the past is to have a list of intensives and just give it to the AD/instructor for them to go over as their time allowed. Most of the time, we received a response after Nutcracker as they did not have the time to think about summer intensives until after Nutcracker was over. Once the kids get older, they do tend to already know which places they are a good fit for so you might not need the help of the AD as much.


DD has been doing SI auditions for several years now and we have only found pre-registration end before the end of the year for Suzanne Ferrell. Most have pre-registration that is tiered, based on your audition location so waiting until after Nutcracker shouldn't be a problem. Also, except for Ms. Ferrell's, most intensives do not require pre-registration. We've found over the years that pre-registration doesn't work for us because something might come up that prevents DD from attending and if you are pre-registered, you will lose the money paid.

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Nutcracker will be done in about 5 weeks, and there aren't any early auditions to worry about, so it seems like waiting until after Nut would be fine here.

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