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Missing a rehearsal

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You know -I just remembered something from dd's training years - she was in a residency program at the time. We obtained a flight for her to come home - I think it was a holiday weekend here plus a family wedding. Ticket was purchased on points, in advance of course as it was a holiday.


She then had to request to be away for the weekend. We hadn't thought there would be a problem as it was a holiday weekend and often rehearsals were cancelled. However - in fact she was not given permission to leave. We lost the flight and the points (I did try to get reimbursement). We could have had her come home anyway, but the message was pretty clear that if this was the decision there could be an impact on casting.

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Cakers, I am responding to your original post. I am sympathetic to the fact that you wanted to give your daughter a great surprise and the that timing just isn't great. That said, I must say that I do not think that it is reasonable to expect an AD to not accept an opportunity for the school/company to perform because there is a conflict with one student's schedule. At our dd's school, when you accept the invitation to rehearse for Nutcracker, with the possibility of performing, you are committing to the scheduled mandatory rehearsals, rehearsals that may be scheduled during a large range of dates, and availability for any and all performances (usually 30-33), even though there is more than one cast. The advanced students usually do not know when they are performing until the company roster is posted, sometimes they may not know until a few days before the performance. When dd has participated, we have known this going into the season and have just tried to stay local and flexible during the Nut season. It sounds to me that there is some inconsistency at your dd's school; that you took a chance and tried to plan a surprise, which now will not work out and that is unfortunate, but not something that the AD should be expected to fix or accommodate.

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I can certainly empathize with you Cakers. I am faced with my own "two commitments in conflict" dilemma at the moment. I got notice last night that a choir rehearsal originally scheduled on Monday for 6 p.m. will now start at 5:15. This is a special rehearsal for a special performance later in the week and the first of 4 all evening rehearsals in a row. With the time change, it will mean my son now cannot attend his ballet class on Monday. The problem is that he also has to miss his other 2 classes this week in order to attend these extra choir rehearsals. I really would like him to be able to attend his ballet class tomorrow so at least he has one class this week! I understand there can be last minute schedule changes but I do not think it is reasonable for the choir to expect 100% commitment regardless of their schedule changes. I am tempted to tell them that he will be there at the originally scheduled time so he can attend class but know that this will be heavily frowned upon. I know they will think "It's only a ballet class." I really hate having to make this kind of choice and wish we could rely on the organization's reasonable accommodation of people affected by a last-minute schedule change. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

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Sorry you didn't like my response. I did read your post as asking for special treatment, although you said you wanted "fair treatment" since other dancers missed rehearsals/performances for reasons not "once in a lifetime"


You obviously don't think so, but in my mind you are asking for special consideration. It really doesn't matter what happens to other people... that is not the issue. If someone misses a performance that is THEIR issue, not yours. Special consideration is what you are asking for. Look at it this way... would you complain to the police officer for pulling you over for speeding, while other cars (in addition to you) were also speeding and he didn't pull them over too? You were still speeding. What happens to others doesn't change the fact that you broke the law.

That said, in my dancers ballet world we know our rehearsal schedule at casting EXCEPT for the last two weeks prior to performance. And then we have a basic schedule, but are fully aware that extra rehearsals may be added if needed.

And for what it is worth, our nut is very well done, We bring in NCYB principals to dance solo roles each year.

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Let's make sure we stick to the topic and NOT to the person writing the topic or the person responding to how they read the topic. Thanks!

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