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At What Age?


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My DD is 13. I want her to stand up for herself and what she believes in. At what age is it time, for her to ask for help, mentoring, and private lessons.


I am not saying I will not help, but when does a teacher find the parent should be taking the back seat to the dancers voice/ attitude?


My DD has always asked questions and listens in class. She has asked me to have private lessons set up in the past.

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I actually think that happened for us around age 12.


Of course, it can't be completely independent. For ex, for a private lesson, I am paying and driving. I need to know the details and dd has to come to me first... and she does. She'll ask permission and then approach the teacher herself. I am usually in the wings when this happens so times can be checked with me.


I'll be interested to hear the teacher's expectations. DD is now 16 and I cannot imagine being involved in discussions about technique, etc.

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Serious ballet students, meaning those who take multiple classes a week and are on a pre-pro track, are generally quite mature enough by 13 to speak for themselves in terms of discussing things with a teacher. Naturally, things like private lessons should be addressed by a parent. But if student at this level has a problem or question, I would expect them to talk to me about it.

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In our school, privates are discouraged if not outright outlawed. So this conversation topic is definitely verboten.


That being said, as far as speaking to the instructor the type of relationship/comfort with the teacher counts. My dd has several instructors, some she is more comfortable to ask questions, mainly regarding SI's, dance questions or self training (pilates, etc.). She likes them all, however she feels she has built more of a personal rapport with a few.


I suppose she(my dd) needs to get a little older to be able to discuss with all of them. In contrast many of the dk's and many are younger (my dd is 13) are very precocious (in a positive connotation) and are good at advocating for themselves and do.

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Thanks. DD has addressed technique concerns as they arise in the class (or after) without my involvement. I just want to be sure to back out of other areas so the teachers can see it is her wants not just me talking.

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