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What summer intensive would be best for me?


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I have been dancing for a long time, I'm the favorite at my studio, my teacher says im the best 14 year old at my studio, and the best on my team. I think I am a strong dancer, my only fear is that I used to attend a really bad studio.... they didn't have pointe. I just joined this studio this year, and my teacher said I could start pointe however I would like to wait till next year because I'm already dancing 2-3 hours per day, which I'm not used to yet. I know the intensive schedule will be INTENSE hahaha obviously... but I can handle it, I just couldn't handle extra work during the year due to school. I'm more of a competition team dancer, and lyrical+contemporary are my strongest styles. I'm also great at jazz, and I have decent ballet technique<but I'm not en pointe. Could you give me any summer intensive suggestions? I want something that will push me and make me a better dancer!

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parisoxox99, Welcome to BT4D! We are glad you have joined us. Please do take a little time to nose around the whole board to see what all is available, review our Rules and Policies, and check out the Stickies at the top of the various Forums to see how we do things.


Unfortunately, it is our policy on BT4D not to provide direct comparisons between/among programs or to offer specific recommendations. We DO, however, have dedicated threads for each of the SIs you are interested in where members offer and share their first-hand experiences. Thus, we collect and maintain empirical information from which you and your parents can glean the information pertinent to your personal decisions and make your own comparisons and evaluations.


As you read those threads (and we do encourage that you take the time to read the whole thread), if you still have questions about the program that have not been answered, please do feel free to post your questions on the specified program's thread. There are also similar dedicated threads in the Classics SI forum containing collected information from the 2013 and prior seasons. Happy reading! and we look forward to you joining us in many discussions.

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