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Lower back pain?


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I have a very flexible lower back so backbends have never been a problem for me, until recently when our class learnt a contemporary dance which involved a lot of backbends and I found my lower back hurting. I thought it was probably just a bit stressed and that it would go away soon but although now it is fine most of the time, it still hurts to backbend. I did some research and I think that I have been overusing my lower back and not using the rest of my back enough, putting stress on my lower back. Apparently, it tightens the stressed area and eventually weakens the rest of the back. It also increses risk of fractures and other problems, so I think it is more serious than I originally thought! Sorry I'm not very good at explaining it... hope you can understand what I'm saying..

Basically, what I'm asking is are there any exercises I can do to strengthen my back or something? Or is there some other way of treating it? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks:)

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Pointe_shoe, while we do not diagnose or prescribe medical advice, I can at least answer partially. But you will still need a medical diagnosis if the pain continues.


First of all stop doing backbends. Second, learn how to do them correctly so that they do not strain the lower back. And third, to strengthen the muscles it would be good to work with a certified Pilates teacher, preferably one who is a former dancer.

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