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private lessons - Why would they be banned?


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performinthestorm, yes I saw an earlier post of yours that suggested weakness associated with your dd's hyper mobility. dd was diagnosed with HMS three years ago. I am actually wondering if her school maybe forgot that, because we've never discussed it in the conferences, I just passed them the info as part of her treatment plan when she was injured. It's possible they've not considered that, if that were to be the difference maker that would suggest that she could just get by with Gyrotonics.

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The main reason we began privates was because DD was behind her peers strength wise. Some kids/people are naturally strong and some are not. DD is in the latter category. It stumped me that 10-15 hours of class we're not enough to build the necessary strength, but it became obvious that whatever barre and classroom work the AD had developed was not optimum for my daughter. When I discussed this once with the AD she suggested my DD work outside of class..so we did! When the AD made an attempt once to object to our outside privates, I reminded her of that, and that she had previously endorsed my dds private teacher when she had worked for the studio. She really had no counter argument after that.

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When DD started struggling a bit with muscle strength, mostly due to growing so quickly (8 inches in two years!!) we opted for Pilates. No chance of conflicting dance training, and the pilates teacher we see is a former dancer. Cross training has been SO GOOD for her.


Our studio doesn't ban privates, but very few (if any) of our dancers take them. They have to be approved by their instructor as well.

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