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I'm curious how Nutcracker is going for our DSs. Mine is enthusiastic about his first one ever (after watching DD for 2 years). He's a party boy and (BLISS!) a soldier in the battle scene.

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Mine is really enjoying himself at the studio but is on the verge of physically overdoing it and is really taking his exhaustion out on everyone at home. DS just turned 12 and is dancing as a party boy, a mouse, and as one of the children of mother ginger. 10 hours at the studio this weekend for rehearsals on top of his usual 10 hours a week of classes is too much. I know he loves to dance but I'm approaching my limit. :dizzy:

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We have the same problem here, chel. DS is exhausted after six days of dancing, including multiple classes and Nutcracker. Not that he'll admit being tired-he loves it. He is Fritz and is one of the divertissements in Act 2. He's also an understudy for one of the roles that will be performed by a professional. He is grumpy at home though.

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My DS took a break from Nutcracker last year when we switched studios. He is in The Nutcracker at his new studio and really loves it. He is getting to perform a new role in the second act that he hasn't performed before and is having a great time.

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Sounds like some familiar stories. Mine loves it, but we were totally unprepared for the hours of rehearsal.

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DS's school does not do the Nutcracker and I am (guiltily) grateful to have a hall pass.


I am cheering the rest of you moms on- I understand all the rehearsal and performances get exhausting, not to mention the valet duties. DS just completed his first fall shows so we are in recuperation mode.

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Mine's only had one practice for his Russian role so far but now that our Dracula production is over, he will starting on his snow pas practice this weekend. He is super psych'd for that to start.

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It is super fun - ours is a comedy. This is his second year being Dracula. The company has done it every year for 15+ years. Every year has something different - it is a very organic production. :party:

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My DS would love to be in Dracula! Or the snow pas. Things for him to look forward to as he gets older.

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How timely. We're getting close! With a young group of dancers in the company this year, they've been rehearsing since much earlier than usual, and it's taking its toll on DS who is dancing a variation that is, honestly, too hard for him. But boys are limited. His knees are suffering :-(


Hoping we can make it through Nutcracker without burnout. He's already learned choreo for part of Spring show, and he's excited about it, so hoping he can get fired up again. Also hoping Nutcracker doesn't leave him hurting so he can't audition well in Jan-Feb!

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Performance weekend #1 for my DS! I watched dress rehearsal last night and all seemed to go well. It's his very first year ever, so he's super excited. I found some really adorable (and slightly inappropriate in the way boys love) opening night gifts.

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My son is in college now and his dance program does not do Nutcracker. It seems strange that I will not see him in one this year. However, he is participating in a local community's "The Christmas Carol" as young Dickens. No speaking role, but does some dancing. It will be interesting to see how it goes for him. It does give me the opportunity to explore other Nutcrackers in our community as I don't have to be at his, so I am looking forward to a different but good Nutcracker season.

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We are done with Nutcracker, only one weekend of shows right after Thanksgiving. I'm certainly glad it it over, all those rehearsals. I did thoroughly enjoy my DS first Nutcracker. A few mishaps with props but overall great performances. Really impressed with the whole production.

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DSs school rarely do nut but this year they are doing some extracts from it, as well as other stuff. And DS is doing the grande pas de deux as nutcracker prince....its his first time doing nutcracker ever (he came late to ballet...)


We are flying out next week to see the performance. Am totally beside myself with excitement (havent seen him since Sept)!!! :)

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