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Video Audition Dilemma


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I am 13, turning 14 in January. I was planning to make a video audition for several schools, one of which being San Francisco Ballet. The website states that girls 14 and up must do the entire audition on pointe. I don't know whether to film the video in technique shoes (except for the last few minutes) or in pointe shoes. There is no way of telling whether I would be 14 by the audition in person, as there is not one anywhere near my city that I can go to.


Does anyone have any suggestions? :blink:


Thank you!!

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Since you are making the video at 13 years old, then I think you can do it like a regular class, with pointe at the end. :)

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Thank you for your help Ms. Leigh!

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I would suggest making the video and sending it before you turn 14, if that is possible and they will accept it prior to January.

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Okay, I hadn't thought of that. They accept video auditions beginning the 6th and my b-day is after that. Very good plan!

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Actually, I will have to do it on pointe. :unsure: I emailed the school a week ago and they responded, confirming my thoughts. Oh well, I wish you had replied to the email!! :D

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