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My ankle is bothering me


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And I don't know that you can help, since you can't see it, but I'll give this a shot.


When I tendu, go on a rise, on pointe, or really any position that involves the foot arching, I'm getting a pain in my ankle. It's dull, and it doesn't happen all the time, which confuses me. It's most likely to happen on pointe, at the beginning of barre, and during posés, but it can happen any time. It does seem to be more of a problem when it's weight-bearing, although it's pretty bad in tendus and degages (although not, say, jumps or developpes). It's happening in between the top of the anklebone and the Achilles tendon on the inside of my leg. If I put my finger at the top of the anklebone, and move it towards the Achilles tendon, about halfway in between is about where it is. If I rub it, I can feel the same dull pain--but only when my foot's flexed. (I only feel pain when it's flexed if I'm rubbing it, though.) I can feel some kind of thin muscle or tendon or something there.


I've been icing it when I get home from class, but I want to make sure this isn't the beginning of a big problem.


Oh, I forgot to mention--this was a sudden thing--one day it didn't hurt, the next day it did, and I can't account for it.


Any ideas?

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No way to really know, asc, but it sounds like a minor strain. Take a couple of days off and see if it goes away, but if it persists you know what I'm going to say. Yes, see the doc. But, sometimes these little things come and go, and since it is not hurting in some things, it doesn't sound like a major deal.

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"take a couple of days off"

I shall do my best, I promise. My teachers are aware of it, but I thought I'd see what you had to say. I'll ask my osteopath if it's still bothering me next week--our doctor actually just moved away, and we're in limbo with regard to that.

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