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Good studio in Pasadena


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Well last night, I had every intention of chatting with my instructor about the facility problems, until I received a phone call at 3:30 telling me that my class was cancelled due to illness of the instructor.


This being L.A., I looked for an alternate - which I was trying to find anyway for a Saturday cancellation due to studio vacation, and discovered a fantastic facility at the Pasadena Dance Theatre.


They have lots of open classes, I would have to say that they are more intermediate/advanced than beginning, and the facility is just huge - I think I counted 4 studios - all with marley flooring, expert piano accomp., and very cordial atmosphere - forgiving for someone at my level.


I understand this is not the case in all of their open classes, but the other adults in the class - there were 12 at least were extremely helpful with suggestions about which teachers/times would be good for my level. I was totally impressed with the quality of the adult dancers - who mostly started as adults and were just wonderful.


I was a bit overwhelmed, but had a great experience anyway. I'm still grateful for my smaller classes with more individual instruction, but I wanted to report to any L.A. members that it is a good place for grabbing classes.


Especially they have just added a dedicated Men's class, and the level will probably be more intermediate from the looks of it. I realize this is a hike for some, but they are a great facility, and I would have to say it is worth the drive.


Hope this helps L.A. or traveling to L.A. members.



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Forgot to mention, they have some summer intensive classes which allow adult participation.


Normal Faculty from San Francisco Ballet, as well as the intensive faculty from Joffrey and others. Really impressive.


They also have both male and female instructors.

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Thanks for the info. I had actually checked them out at www.pasadenadance.com but they don't seem to list their schedule (or maybe I'm just missing it). I'm extremely impressed that they have 5 live pianists!


One of these days I'll have to trek out there for a class. I've just moved up to 2 classes a week at my studio in Westlake Village-soon I hope to increase that too.

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You can call them at 626-683-3459, they could fax one to you.


There are 8 ballet times on the schedule, as well as 1 men's session.

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Update to PDT classes.


I went on Saturday morning. There are 2 open classes on Saturday, and I was given the inside scoop by one of the students (adult in her 50s) about which would be better for me to attend.


The earlier class is a better class for newer people to attend, it goes the gamut from beginners to advanced, and is a better class for beginners and beginning intermediates. The teacher, Mr. Hesen Weiren is a young man - late 20s, early 30s who has a wonderful personality, beautiful technique, and a all round good guy to study with. He is a rather tall Oriental man, must have also Euro ancestry - not sure, very kind and a good sense of humor. He demonstrates the movements first, then we do barre with no demonstration. The work is intense and very rapidly moved from one exercise to the next. I would say anyone could benefit from this. The floor work moves from simpler to tough. Again, first marked with him, then you are on your own with a group. Some of the traveling work was too complex for me, but I managed to mark through it, then made my attempt. He was gracious.


If you are a really a very new beginner, you could do the class, but would need to mark a more experienced student to pick up the various parts. The other adults were really kind and helpful in showing people a breakdown of the various portions, which was also done by Hesen at the very end of things, and at the end of class.


I would have to say for the most part, the attitude of the attendees was really pleasant, a few with statusitis, but most being very cordial and lots of networking and sharing. I really appreciated this part.


This was the 11:00 to 12:30 time slot.


There is a 12:30-2:00 class which is in a smaller studio there, the participants being more advanced, advanced-intermediate. Both classes had primarily women, one guy in the second class. The second class is taught by an incredible technician of a teacher, Ms. Helga de Kansky. Her class on Saturday is full, and is really accelerated and the students know the barre by heart. She is very technique focused. I was advised not to take this class, but rather the earlier one, and to take one of her evening classes instead where there was more breakdown of the movement. Apparently, her course on Saturday is attended by ladies who have been her pupils for quite some time, and they are a bit posessive of her that day. :) (again inside info is good to have). She teaches on Tues/Thurs nights 6:30-8:00, resuming on July 23.


The dedicated men's class is taught by a woman, and I'm sorry I did not get her name, but she is one of 2 mens teachers there. It is on Thursday from 12:30 until 2:00, not sure if this is just the summer schedule.


On Wednesday night the open class is taught normally by Leslie Carothers (!), but the night I attended, we had a substitute - also excellent.


Their prices are reasonable, with multi-class discounts, and professional discounts. What I like is that they are 1.5 hour classes.



Hope this helps the L.A. area folks. Fun studio. :D

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Thanks for the great information. I will definitely have to check this out as soon as I'm feeling up to it. Just found out this morning (and my birthday at that), that I have rheumatoid arthritis like my father. But, the doc says ballet is fine, and maybe even pointe some day.


I'm looking forward to getting to meet all the LA people soon.



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*cough, cough*



Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Mermaid!

Happy Birthday to yooooooooooo!




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