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I currently dance 6 days a week in a pre-pro program and was wondering if private lessons are useful in the long run. I'm 13 years old, but most of the girls are a lot older than I am. A lot of the girls get private lessons on our only day off. They would be dance 19.5 hours a week and I would only dance 18.5. Will this extra class time put them a head of the class? Should I look into getting a private lesson? They're really expensive at my studio, so I don't want to if i don't have to.

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Welcome, balletgirl608.


We do not believe in the need for private lessons when you are in a good pre-pro program, unless you do it for special coaching for something like YAGP, or if you have a serious technical problem that needs more attention. We also do not believe in young dancers, or any dancers, dancing 7 days a week.

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