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Where to audition?


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It was suggested to me on another thread that I start a discussion about my questions, so here goes!

I'm a HS senior who comes from a nationally-recognized competition background, but my studio offers a pre-pro ballet program as well & has sent dancers to UT, Juilliard, NYU, Smith, Purchase, UCI, Chapman, IA, Fordham, NDT, Miami City Ballet, MN Dance Theater, Complexions & Le Ballet Jazz. I've also been to SI's.

The reason I may be considered "late" in the search process is because I was off pointe for 9 mos last yr after ankle surgery gone wrong, & I have some newfound hip problems. I've talked to my instructor, & she recommended OK & IA, although I'm also looking at UT & AZ. I'm only looking at minors at IA & AZ because I'm not interested in pursuing jazz or modern. I've been training multiple times/wk like I'm going to audition in Jan/Feb.


I would like to perform in a company if I improved in college (I don't have terrific turnout, & hip problems are an issue), but I don't have an interest in ballet pedagogy. I could see myself choreographing (not ballet/modern) in the future. I've dedicated so much time & money & have seen too many doctors to help with my dancing to just be done after HS. I feel like I'm improving & am on the cusp of something, & it definitely doesn't feel right to give up dancing just yet. I have to dance. My ultimate life goals, however, include politics & not dance. I'm only looking at programs where I can also major in political science or environmental studies.

Anyway, I'm looking for a program where I can take classical ballet/pointe/rep/partnering with teachers who care about my progression, but I don't want to be stuck in case my hip problems are insurmountable & I have to be done dancing if that makes sense. I enjoy technique classes more than I do rehearsals & would like to be in a program that is technique-focused, where the students are serious about ballet & the less non-performance/non-technique requirements (stage lighting, make-up, etc.), the better.

Things I like in a college (but not determining factors): competitive academics, political/liberal student body, large private schools, city, sunshine, not run by Greek-life or sports

Wondering out of my schools which would be the best fit (major at OK or UT or minor at IA or AZ--so I can just focus on ballet) & if there are any other schools I should be considering. I'm not particularly interested in liberal arts schools, Butler, SMU, Akron or TCU. Thanks!

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I would like a community-feel.

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Yes I have 3 schools on the list that have studios nearby, but they only offer open adult classes where the teachers don't care about you, & where there isn't much of a sense of community.

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My DD is also a senior and has a similar list. She has been scheduling auditions, even those in February. We have been to a College Arts Fair and spoke to arts admissions counselors, who knew so much about the programs. Do you have this opportunity? Have you talked to your high school college counselor? Our high school has admissions counselors visiting and,if they don't know about the dance program they can give you names of who to call. Probably visiting the school and talking to program directors and viewing classes will give you the most information.

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Veghead, DD has spent four years in a pre-pro ballet program, and will major in dance in college.AD suggested a program with a strong classical ballet foundation, even though she wishes to one day dance contemporary company.

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I'm also wondering where to audition. I want to dance professionally after college, but my parents and I agree that I should have a degree due to the fact that you never know how long you can really dance. Any suggestions on where to apply so I can get an education and still join a ballet company after?

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Gracekruse, I would suggest starting your research by looking through the designated threads in the Colleges/universities with Dance Programs Forum.


It is virtually impossible for those of us who know about your training, skill level, academic interests, aptitude, not to mention a whole other passel of criteria that should go into your decision regarding which colleges to put on your visit list.

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Also, just to chime in a little... Do you actually know about the adult ballet community at the studios close to the academic universities you are considering? Or are you assuming that adult programs are like that - where the teachers don't care about you and there isnt a sense of community? That is not always the case with adult classes.

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