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First pointe class: I DID IT!


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Had my first pointe class today! Can't even really believe it.


The other beginner I was going to join with is actually a good bit down the road from me, overall skill-wise. So I actually decided to do private pointe classes first. The idea is to get me to a place where I can handle a mixed class.


We began simply with putting them on and tying them, and then I had to take them off and put them back on correctly a couple of times before I was allowed to stand up.


We went from leaning on a pointed foot to releves in first, then in second, and ultimately in fifth, all facing the bar. Up! Roll down, plie. UP! Roll down, plie. She wants it to be everything a jump is, without leaving the ground.


Even though on several of those, I probably got a little air there under me and landed on pointe....the overall task of it was not bad at all! I can see where the strength needs to build, though.

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Sounds wonderful. Congratulations!

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Well done :) Keep up the slow and steady good work and hopefully you will see some good progress not too far down the road!

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Isn't it an awesome feeling?! As an adult, I never thought I'd have pointe shoes in a million years, but I took my first class on my 30th birthday, and it's hard, but so much fun :huepfen:

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Oh that's amazing! Congratulations! I hope I can wear pointe shoes soon, too :)

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