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That was an experience !


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Yes it was, to say the least first ever public performance/show last weekend 1 Saturday night 1 Sunday night, not sure what was more nerve racking, the first few minutes on stage or walking from dressing room to stage in costume, with other people about backstage


Think went OK, seemed for ever at times, when just stood at back of stage like as a piece of scenery, while the "principles and soloists" did there parts. Few mistakes for sure, then cursing under breath as knew made them. At least the lifts had to do with 2 of the girls went OK, and no injuries !


An experience yes , enjoyable, after nerves had settled some then yes



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Congratulation on you debut!

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How exciting (and nerve-wracking!) that must have been! I can only imagine at this point -- I haven't performed publicly yet. I hope to do that eventually, possibly as an extra in next year's local Nutcracker performances. Congrats to you on your major milestone!

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I also wanted to say congrats on your debut. I have not actually performed yet myself, but I would like to soon. I had a few near misses of performances, but they always fizzled when the recitals came around at my studio. I'd like to dance in a recital or production for a local ballet company when I and the studio feels I am ready.

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