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Hi :happy: I am thirteen years old and I currently do 6.75 hours of ballet a week at a pre-pro ballet academy. I don't do many hours for my age group because this is my first year doing real classical ballet (I went to a recreational studio) and most of the girls in my level are around eleven years old. So, my question is if I should add on extra adult open classes to get the right amount of training. There is an adult ballet class right around my level on Mondays directly after one of my technique classes, a beginner adult class on Tuesdays about two hours after my pre-pointe class, and an adult class that is either at my level or slightly above on Wednesdays (the one day I do not take ballet besides Sunday) and it includes repertoire from ballets. Is it too much to take the Monday class directly after my technique class? If I did one or two classes every other week or every few weeks, would it supplement my regular classes well? I would love to do private lessons, but, unfortunately, I am not sure if my family could afford that right now.

Thank you for all the advice!

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If the classes are the right level for you, and you want to take or two every once in a while, I think that would be, as long as you don't have excessive homework. :wink: Only do it when you are feeling strong and have the energy for a second class, though. You are at a growth age, and too much would not be good.

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Thank you, Ms. Leigh!

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