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What to wear under costume?


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New at this! My daughter wears a nude leotard under her costumes. Do boys do something similar? My son is party boy and soldier in Nutcracker. He needs white tights. They didn't say anything about leotard, but I think jackets will boother his skin. What to do?

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On top, my sons always wore tight-fitting white cotton t-shirts. This was by the direction of the company's wardrobe mistress/costumer. Easy to wash and cheap! For below the waist it was dancebelt and white tights (or appropriate colored tights).

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This is all very helpful - thank you!

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I bought a 10 pack of boys' cotton tank undershirts. We had problems with the front showing at the top, so I took scissors and cut a "scoop" out of one of them. We threw the shirt away after the performance since it would have unraveled in the wash, but we have nine more, which will be enough to get us through Nutcracker.

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