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Confused about piqué turns in demi pointe


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Ok so this isn't my first time getting confused about ballet terminology. As a kid I was taught in the RAD style and my current teacher is Russian based so there have been a few vernacular things I've had to get used to. Thank goodness for the internet!


When we do piqué en dehors turns (in demi pointe) she has us plié the working (retiré) leg when completing each turn. I've seen videos where that working leg is kept straight. Is this a terminology or style difference?

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hello pinkpointe:


Here is a video of the RAD version of the piqué turn en dehors that I think you are referring to. I see this dancer come down to a demi plié after each turn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLljTsDK0_I


I will try to find a video of a Vaganova trained dancer completing this step as well, but I have never been taught not to plié after completing this turn.

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Technically, any piqué action should be motivated by a plié, and that is, in my theory, the way that they must be taught. However, you will see professional dancers, usually in a very fast coda or variation, doing them without the plié and actually just going to a demi pointe before the next piqué. It can work if done well, but it is not something one learns until they are at the level of a professional who can make almost anything look good. :wink:

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I agree with previous comments.

I have also never been taught nót to plié in piqué turns but I have seen it done in performances the way Victoria Leigh describes it.

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