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Q: Tights Brand Comparison

Guest tournout

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Guest tournout

Has anyone tried the following brands of tights? If so, would you mind sharing what the differences are between them (e.g., what they feel like...thick...stretchy...opaque...waistband)? I am not concerned with whether the tights are footed, stirrup or convertible, but am curious about how they might compare with Capezio "hold and stretch" tights, which I wish were a bit more opaque and had a waist band that didn't cut into my "middle roll" so much (no matter how high i pull them up or down). That last part is not because the tights are small (I always purchase at least 1-2 sizes up) as they are not uncomfortable, I just wish the elastic would wear out a bit and lose some of its elasticity at the waist -- thoughts?


Danskin 212 -- Adult support perfomance tights


Baryshnikov 8009 -- "Elasta tight"


Prima Soft 102 -- footed tight


Bodywrappers A32 -- Adult supplex wrapture stirrup tights


Bloch T0920 -- Adult "Endura Supplex footed tight



(P.S. -- Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Please let me know where to post this kind of question and I will do better next time!)

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Guest Lolly

The Bloch ones are my favourites, the best I have found so far. However, the waistband is very tight too! I haven't worn Capezio so I don't know how they compare, but Bloch probably aren't for you if you are worried about the waistband!! (It would probably come up to your armpits if you pulled!:eek: ) I do like them though, they are very comfortable and I am fussy about how my tights fit, so they can't be that bad! They aren't thick by any stretch of the imagination, but they aren't so thin you worry you will ladder them at any moment.


Sorry, I haven't tried any of the others you mentioned. But I have noticed the cheaper brands often have waistbands which aren't so elasticated (just kind of hemmed instead of a separate band sewn on) - I bet they would fall down if you didn't have a leotard to hold them up though!


I'll stop rambling about tights now...;)

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I have the tights you mention, the waistband is really irritating.


I just love Capezio Ultra Soft Supplex Transition Tights - holes for converting to footless, comfortable footed. Really really comfortable - very stretchy, great waistband. They might be a touch more sheer than the others you have, but not much - probably about the same. The fit is really different.


I like them so much I just bought 3 pairs. So comfy.


I think the retail is $13.50/pair.

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Guest stpltly

I also buy my tights 1-2 sizes too big because of the waistband. Prima Soft have a very soft and subtle waistband, but the ones I have are "One Size Fits All" (which we all know is never true!) I also have a pair of Danskin's Style 702 which have a soft waistband. Both the Prima Soft and the Danskin are also much softer than the the Capezio Hold & Stretch. About the same as far as opaqueness. I also have the Body Wrappers tights, which are nice and soft, but more see-through and with a waistband similiar to the Hold & Stretch. If the waistband is such a problem, you could try the Body Tights. You can fold them down and/or cut the straps off and wear them like tights. Even without the waistband, they stay up fine. Danskin makes a heavier, more opaque one than Capezio. They'll run you a little bit more too.

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Myy favorite tights in terms of feel are the Blochs. I find they just flat out feel softer than any others I've tried. The only drawback is that they cost a tad more and they're cut for people with really long legs. Even on the small size, the waist comes up to my chest -- It's a measure of how much I love the tights that I'm willing to put up with it!


The Capezios and Body Wrappers seem to run pretty quickly -- Danskin seems to hold up the best, but I like their feel the least.

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Guest tournout

Thank you so much everyone for responding. I really appreciate your thoughts. Based on your collective comments, I think I will initially try the Capezio Ultra Soft Supplex, Blochs, and Danskin body tights. Bodywrappers are out. I am undecided on the Prima Softs, so I will try the others first and see. Thanks again!

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My fav. tights also happen to be Blochs now. I was pleasantly surprised when I ordered several pairs of convertable tights from www.dannyswarehouse.com for 3 dollars each! to find that they were Bloch and not some unknown brand. They still seem to have some in stock-what a great deal!!!!

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Great tip Mermaid. Thanks, I'll order some now!

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Guest marvelous

Me too, mermaid!


I love the Bloch tights I got from Danny's and for only $3, you can't beat the price. Even though most of his stuff is buy-outs, irregulars, and discontiued items, the tights are brand new and have no flaws (as far as I can tell). The waist band feels a little tight when I first put them on, but I usaually don't notice it once I start dancing. But they are really soft.


I only have experience with one other pair that I paid at least three times as much for from a dance supply store. I think they were Capezio and I didn't really care for them. They don't seem as "strechy" as the Bloch supplex.

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Guest tournout

I just tried the new "hip rider" tights by Capezio and “hipster” tights by Bloch. I love them – no more elastic up to my neck! Has anyone else tried them?

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Guest beckster

The first tights I ever had were bloch ones and I loathed them. The waistband made me look like I had rolls of flab around my middle even when I tried the trick of cutting the elastic to loosen it a bit. Since then I've had Debut (evil - 2 million denier, either cuts off the circulation or goes wrinkly round the knees and hips) and Freed soft support, which are ok but go see-through on the thighs after a while. I'm still searching ... I'm going to try capezio next.

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Right now I wear capezio, but I don't think they are the stretch and hold, just the regular tights.

Before Capezio I tried Danskin, and do not like them. They run something fierce (some people call it ladders). Aside from the runners I thought that the Capezios fit me better as well.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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