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Age-appropriate guidelines?


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I'm afraid you may regret volunteering to post these guidelines with all of the questions you are going to get from all of the very appreciative parents on this board!!!


As far as the light weight training for a 12 year old, what types of specific exercizes do you suggest? Our studio doesn't offer any kind of weight training or conditioning so we would be doing this entirely on our own. We do have a home gym weight rack set that starts very, very light and works it's way up.

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Thank you so much for posting these guidelines!

I have a question about the supplementing dance styles. Are they in addition to the 1 hour of Modern or it's replacement? And how many hours of supplementing dance styles would be appropriate and not overwhelming?

Thank you!

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Thanks so much gcwhitewater! It strikes me as a very balanced and reasonable guideline, with appropriate progression. My DS, 12, has 4 ballet classes per week, but none are men only classes. However, his RAD level (intermediate) has some male-specific elements in the exam syllabus. Your guidelines will help me plan for next year!

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This is excellent and exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much!

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