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Hello! I am 14 years old and have been doing ballet for about 4 months now, and I have to say I really enjoy it! Possibly even love it. Since beginning ballet, I have found this forum and I would like to say, thank you all for the great information. It is very helpful and informative. However, I do have some questions that my personal training, that I do not believe has been answered, or meaning anyone in a similar situation, on this forum yet so I decided to post it.


Okay, so I have been taking a Teen/Adult Beginner Ballet class twice a week, each 75 minutes. Since I am a late-starter, I would very much like to take more classes, to improve and possibly catch-up, but that is the max. they have for that specific class. It is a pretty good quality studio, it is a recreational studio, but very close to pre-pro and highly reputable. (I can give specifics for the studio/ any other studios I mention in this post if you would like.) I was considering taking extra classes at nearby studios, which are about same quality as far as I can tell, but after further research on that topic I have come to conclusion that for a beginner, you should really stay with one studio until you have a solid base. Would that be approximately 6 months, or would I have to wait until next year to add classes from other studios? Another option is, if my current studio allowed, to take more beginning ballet classes at the same studio, but with younger children (approx.. age 8-11 years of age). Any suggestions? Should I just be satisfied with just the twice a week, or should I seek out more? Should I ask my ballet teacher about taking classes with younger children? I would not mind, being that I am not terribly older. A side note: money is a slight problem, but I have ways of earning my own money and would be willing to postpone unnecessary things for these ballet class.


P.S. I apologize if there are any grammatical errors, because I know you guys are sticklers for grammar! But that is good, so I would happily correct any mistakes :)


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Welcome, VictoriaA!!!!!


You seem like quite an articulate and mature teen!!!


One of the things that is important to know is that you do need good quality training, even if you aren't aiming for a professional career. If you have an excellent school near you that has a curriculum for adult/teen classes, or at least a stellar teacher, it would be better to make the switch as soon as possible. If the training you are receiving is satisfactory, and you enjoy it, then there is no harm in staying. It's really up to you.


Now, if you possess a "dancer's natural gifts"- long legs, well-proportioned physique with flexibility, excellent musicality, innate artistry, a performing mentality, a grit and determination, as well as financial and emotional support, then you might be able to audition for a pre-pro school with the understanding that you will likely have to take some beginner type classes with much younger children, but you could eventually "catch up".

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Thank you Clara!

My current training is of good quality, my only worry was that it was only twice a week, so I thought about adding one or two classes from another studio nearby of adequate quality, also. Just so I could have ballet at least 3 times a week. It's just Teen/Adult classes are offered less often then their regular classes.


My second worry was if it would be too soon to add classes from other studio, because I've read from the Adult Forums, that you should wait until you have a firm understanding of the basics. Although, that may be up for me to decide.


I apologize if all if this seems confusing, for I am quite skilled at puzzling others! :)


I will also keep in mind the pre-professional schools, since this upcoming summer I will be 15 and could possibly drive. I live near Seattle(about an hour, a little more) and it never hurts to try! :)

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