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big name si or not


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My DD will be auditioning for her second summer at an SI this year. She will be 13 in a month. In order to make it in the dance world as a dancer, does one have to attend big name SI's or can they make it without attending the big 3 letter schools or those aquivelent. My DD attended a not well know SI last summer and got lots of attention and grow, but unlike her peers, she didn't venture to the big name schools. As we get closer to audition season, I asked her if she wanted to audition for XYZ and she said no. She does not ever want to go there. I am afraid that she might miss something by only attending smaller SI's. For those who have had DK's move on to the dance world, do they come from all different backgrounds or only those big name SI's?

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A wise BT4D parent did point out to me that ultimately it is our dancing child who will be living & dancing at a particular SI for 5 or 6 weeks of their summer. They must be happy where they are. The dancer needs to be the one to make the choice. This can even come into play if your DD would prefer a rural setting or a big city. If your DD is telling you she doesn't care to audition for XYZ, and would prefer to audition for ABC, I'd say go with what she says. Maybe when she is 15 she'd like to look into XYZ instead.


I do not think any one Big-Name SI holds the key for employment in the dance world. Take the time to read professional dancer's bios on company websites. I think you'll see many professional dancers have attended a variety of summer programs.


As long as the training is solid & your DD is happy, I'd say listen to your DD.

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balletsky, the short answer is "No". The long answer can be found in various threads discussing this very topic over the years. :D


Perhaps those threads can be found in the Summer Intensive General Discussion Forum.

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