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Application: Academic Common Market in SE States


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I am sharing this because I did not know about it.


If there is a degree program that you would like to pursue but it is not offered in your state, you may be able to attend another state university, and get in state tuition.




For Dance, the University of South Carolina offers students from Georgia, Delaware and Tennessee in state tuition to study dance performance/choreography or dance education.


The University of Oklahoma offers it to students of Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Arkansas for Ballet performance and Ballet pedagogy.


Florida State and Texas Womens University offer graduate programs.


There are many programs that are not related to dance, you have to go to the link above and put in your home state, and select the program of study that you are interested in.



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Yes, that has been available. The key is that financial aid (including any state awards for A/B students) may not be available (if needed) unless the college degree is not available in-state. For my state, this may mean that you could get the Choreography degree but not the Dance Education degree from USC while using any in-state scholarship grants or awards. You'll need to investigate.


There are other dance colleges, like Butler, who for a highly academic student may offer enough academic scholarship money to offset the in-state tuition. When DD applied, she received an academic award that brought attendance down below what the in-state school would have cost. She received a similar scholarship from IU as well, but it was attached to a Leadership program which you also entered in addition to the Dance degree program.

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