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I'm Allie, I'm 18 years old and I was wondering if my age is too late to get back into ballet. I stopped dancing when I was 15 years old due to financial issues and been missing it ever since. Now that I'm old enough to do things on my own and finance myself, I've been wanting to start dancing again. I live in New York and will start working in the city soon, so there's quite a few good schools to study at. What would you suggest I do? What school do you reccomend, or is it too late to get to a professional level?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!!!!!


Firstly, you're NEVER too old to dance!!! Now, having a professional career may or may not be something that can be achievable, but if you have the physical requirements and you have the fortitude and all of the other elements that must come together for a dancer to make it into the realm of professional, then it is possible. Maybe not as likely as it would have been had you been able to keep going, but POSSIBLE, yes.


At the very least, if you have the financial ability to study, then the worst thing that will happen is you'll get back into dancing shape, you'll enjoy yourself, and you'll progress. All very good outcomes. Since you are in such a ballet-friendly city, you'll need to visit different schools to see where you feel you have the best fit. As a few months go by you can see what your teacher thinks about your dream.

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