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SI~Worried about being below my training level


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I'm going to be auditioning for 2014 summer intensives and I'm worried about being below the training level for my age. What should I do if I can't do any of the moves requested by the instructor?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, prima_paloma.


If your training has not been sufficient in terms of getting to the expected level for your age, all you can do is try your best to learn the movements and do the best you can. The auditioners will note that you have not yet had this material, if that is the case, and they will either place you in a lower level or not accept you at this time for their program. Have you talked to your teachers about auditioning? Have they encouraged you and told you that you should try? Perhaps they could also give you some suggestions for programs to audition for that would be best for you at this point in time.


If your pointe work is very limited, then be careful in the auditions that you do not try things that could be dangerous. Just tell the auditioner that you have not learned those things yet. :)

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Thank you. Yes, my teacher has encouraged me to audition. :)

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