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Labeling Pointe Shoes


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I have heard differing opinions on whether to label pointe shoes with 'right' and 'left' from several different teachers.


One of them said that I should, because everyone's feet are different and it wouldn't do any good to be wearing a different shoe each class. Another said that I can get more use out of them if I alternate each shoe (right and left) each class.


What do you suggest? I am a bit confused!! :(

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I was never able to switch from right to left because my feet are very different, and I could always tell which shoe was a right, and which was a left. I do know of a few dancers who have been able to do that, and they swear by it. :shrug:

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I personally use the same shoe for the same foot every time. It's easier for my brain to handle. Also, I always accidentally sew one ribbon with the rough side out so I don't need to label them.

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Thank you!

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