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Altering canvas flats


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Bloch Pro-elastic are almost my hg shoe. Except for the baggy heel. I've tried a few different sizes and they all have that wierd heel. Has anyone successfully altered canvas flats? I know you can take in the heel on pointe shoes...

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You could probably bring it in by darting (gather the amount you need to bring in following the natural line of the shoe, fold it down, and stitch), or just cut along the back seam, bring in as much as you need, and restich. I'd probably do the former, since it'd be easier to correct any mistakes. Do you have canvas or leather?

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Exactly what is wrong with the heel? Do you have a sewing machine at your disposal? Have you tried a shoe repair person?

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I haven't tried altering them, but I did successfully go down half a size in length and out to the very widest width in the Bloch Pro-elastics, which fixed the problem for me.

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My sanshas dont do that, but they fit snug. I also sewed my cross elastics taut and cinched the bow before trimming. Maybe its a defect in the shoe if those things dont help.

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