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Proper fouetté turns

Lady Elle

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Hi - my daughter is at a new studio nd they teach fuette turns differently. lets see if I can explain in words. She had alway been doing fuettes by going into her releve while swinging her leg into second. So in a right turn, she hits her plie while her right leg is diagonal to her left corner and right away she goes into releve while her right leg goes into second.


Now her teacher wants her to stay in her plie until her right leg passe's (from second). Is there a right or wrong way? Are these just two different styles or syllabus (syllabuses? Syllabi?) the new way is of course harder for her.

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Just two different methods of doing them, both valid. :)

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Interesting. I've had a similar situation occur with two different ways of going into pirouettes.So when your dancer begins to audition, should they try to study the different styles and technique of the schools thier auditioning for? Coming into SI auditions it would be good to know. Or do various dance schools/companies look beyond different techniques and realize they will train dancers to their preference once they're in? Is this an ok follow up question for this topic or should it be moved? Thanks.

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Upper level students should try to pick up the style by the demonstration in the audition class, especially in terms of port de bras and positions for beginning and ending pirouettes. At the advanced level it is important to show that they can pick up different ways of moving, as of course that is what they will need to do when they learn choreography in a company! :)

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Sorry- this is probably a dumb question, but I am going to ask... Is it ever proper to travel while doing foutte' turns? Or, is that a sign that the dancer has lost control while turning?

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Traveling fouetté turns are often performed, but they are choreographed to travel. If that is not the case, and the dancer is traveling, then she has lost control.

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