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Television: Flesh and Bone

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Could be horrible, but if there is actually dancing, it might be wonderful.




From the press release:

Ethan Stiefel has joined the project as consultant and choreographer on the series. Mr. Stiefel is the artistic director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the star of the movies Center Stage and Center Stage: Turn It Up and was a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre from 1997 till July 2012.

Joining the cast in key supporting roles are former American Ballet Theatre principal dancer, Irina Dvorovenko, current American Ballet Theatre soloist Sascha Radetsky, Ballet Arizona company dancer Raychel Diane Weiner and Emily Tyra ("Boardwalk Empire"). National auditions are underway for the lead role of "Claire Robbins."

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The dark and gritty series will unflinchingly explore the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world.

Oh. Great.

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Every show I've seen on the STARZ network has had full-frontal nudity--male and female--and much sex-capades, be it a historical drama or otherwise. I believe someone posted an audition notice for this series a while back and it explicitly stated that auditionees would have to agree to nudity as part of the contract.


I doubt this will be a series about 'dance', but more about the stereotypical alleged underbelly of the profession. Certainly not one for our Young Dancers.

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Well, admittedly, I've never seen anything on STARZ, but I'm guessing if they are casting (and paying for) ABT soloists and principals that there must be some dancing involved. Otherwise, they would just be hiring good looking actor/model types as opposed to classically trained dancers. Or maybe I'm just being optimistic.

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I think I will like watching it but I doubt I will be able to watch it with my two teenaged dancers! But you know it might just be the "ballet" show that my husband will watch! (that's a joke!)

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We know first hand one of the newly selected cast members. It will not be a show for aspiring young ballerinas to watch due to very mature content. Producers are of Breaking Bad and Pulp Fiction fame. The cast member has said they will be all taking daily class and expect to work as if they are in a company. There are no doubles for dancers in the show, they will all be dancing their parts. They have yet to find the leading role. So, dancers with acting ability should get in on a casting call. Our friend auditioned 7x before selection but very excited about the show as it is a huge break. We will be watching only because of the personal association, but I don't think it is going to paint a rosy picture and I am not talking about just the distorted feet.

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I remember this topic being discussed back in Sept. http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=57511&hl=%2Bshow+%2Baudition


Casting call noted nudity required. So to whomever said that is what Starz is known for (we don't have that channel) I guess you are right on.


Edited to add: Oops... what Dancemaven said above. hah. I believe the words "dysfunctional underbelly" were actually used in the audition announcement.

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A lovely ballet dancer who has taken my Jazz Workshop classes has been going through the audition process for this TV show (to dance in the corps of the company). She has had four call backs, she has made it through all the cuts, right down to the end. Now she waits, and waits, and waits.

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I haven't seen Ethan Stiefel's departure from RNZ ballet posted here yet, but Pointe Magazine and a couple other news outlets report he will be choreographing for this show.



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He is. His assistant is Matthew Powell. Someone I have known for years...he is a wonderful dancer and a lovely teacher. I am so happy for him!

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It will all be interesting. ..


Did the principals/stars agree to full frontal nudity? It's quite hard for me to imagine that some of them would do that. . . they don't need to, they have recognition and talent.


I know that I should be more open minded but this really doesn't seem like it will be good for ballet.


I would love to hear others' perspectives.

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I would like to see this show if I can even get that channel. I would give it one shot - maybe two - to please me or annoy me. It certainly has interesting people attached, despite the less than appealing perspective of dance it plans to focus on.

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Starz Ballet Drama 'Flesh and Bone' Begins Production


Acclaimed dancer Sarah Hay (Black Swan) has been cast in the lead role, joining an already stellar cast of world-renowned dancers, including former American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Irina Dvorovenko and current soloist Sascha Radetsky, along with Royal New Zealand Ballet artistic director and former American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Ethan Stiefel attached as choreographer.

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Oh great, a "deeply emotionally wounded" young woman with "self-destructive tendencies and a vaulting ambition". . . .

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