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Television: Flesh and Bone

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Lol...dancemaven. Don't forget "fragile" and "innocent." An ambitious self-destructive woman? Hmmmm. I've never seen that on tv before.

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But, really not sure I've actually come across one in our ballet journey. :shrug: Separately, yes; collectively in one person, no.

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I started watching this not knowing what I was getting into. It's not just full on nudity, but full on intimacy, drugs, and turning ballet dancers into prostitutes, and we won't even get into the strip club. Needless to say it's not appropriate for young dancers, and it makes the ballet world look wrong in so many ways... To top it off the lead is the victim of the worse kind of abuse. It's another kind of black swan.

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According to Deadline, it was turned into a miniseries partially because of costs and partially because it was too difficult to keep the cast intact since the dancers had other obligations.

The show might not have appealed to readers of Ballet Alert. However it received many nominations for best limited series including a nomination for the Golden Globe and Satellite Awards (won). Sarah Hay was also nominated for best actress in a limited series for the Golden Globe, Critic's Choice, and Satellite Awards (won).

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No accounting for tastes, I guess. :yucky: I couldn't get past the first half hour of the first episode. Awful stuff. Hopefully, it will all fade into the woodwork.

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I thought it was awful. I managed to sit through most of 2 episodes and the storyline (such as it was) was so incredibly dark, I wouldn't have watched the rest even if the principals of ABT or NYCB had danced in it.

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