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Little gifts for the girls in dds Nut dance? Any ideas, wise ones?


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DD wants to get the girls she is dancing with in an act 2 dance (4 girls, ages 10-11) a little Nutcracker gift. (yes, I know act 2 dance has a name, but I can't spell it! Div....something) it's Arabian. Other than Girly trinkets, like nail polish, etc, any ideas? The charms would be cool, but $27 each is too much.

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Over the years, there were many little merde gifts that dd gave and received. Nut gifts that stand out in my memory are a little Nutcracker ornament that a dancer wrote the year on (a little wooden one from Michaels or another craft store can be inexpensive), fuzzy socks are always a standby, a photo of the group on costume taken at a dress rehearsal in a frame (it's still on display many years later).


There is also an online store (not sure if it is OK to link) called NutcrackerBalletGifts that has inexpensive charms (about $5)

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Search: Merde gifts here for many, many, many, many, many ideas

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We always give little role-related gifts for opening night, but we haven't done Arabian yet. I make artisan soap and always give a basket of nutcracker themed soaps for the important adults, and have done Arabian for that (mocha scented). Otherwise we have done little ornaments (snowflakes for instance), small nutcrackers, themed soap/lotion sets.... This year it seems a lot of stores are offering peacock themed ornaments, could that be something..? Reaching perhaps, just trying to brainstorm ideas that could relate to Arabian and I'm thinking mocha/coffee, opulent jewel tones, genies, oil lamps, flying carpets... Peacock feather hair decoration? Nutcracker mug with hot chocolate mix?

This year dd is giving out little ballerina ornaments in white/silver tutus (for snow scene) and old fashioned party poppers filled with candy for polichinelles.

Good luck and have fun with it! Usually dd has 10-12 girls to gift to (per part) so we try to stay with a very modest price per item.

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10 to 12 per part?!? And she has three parts? That seems like a pretty big financial commitment!


With that being said, I found little jeweled boxes at Pier 1 one year that were inexpensive (under $3) and could be considered Arabian-themed. I don't know if that is something they carry every year, though...

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She "only" has 2 parts, but yeah, it can get a little pricey. I'm just glad she's not cast in some other parts, some have over 20 kids..! The past few years my younger daughter has done nutcracker too and then we had to add her gifts to that tally and she was always cast with a large group (24 one year, 20 the next)!

Some girls (whose parents are more affluent than we are) give really elaborate merde gifts, some don't do it at all. Nobody keeps track, it's very chaotic and fun. My girls and I love to try and come up with something themed and inexpensive but also fun to receive. This is her third year with the two parts she has so I'm starting to run low on ideas..! ;)

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DD's company does a secret santa rather than a gift for each dancer. You get to give something that is much nicer ($25 limit) rather than lots of little, often disposable items. Makes shopping for it more fun too.

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In the past we have tried to make our gifts to keep the cost down. One year we made old-fashioned yarn dolls and dressed them up as the pollichenelles. A favorite was decoupaged scrabble tiles (with Nutcracker face) made into pendants and then attached to inexpensive cord necklaces. Sometimes we give Avon Holiday-themed chapsticks, we have done the cast photo thing as well, or christmas ornaments with similar theme as the role. (After 8 seasons our own Christmas tree is trending about 80% Nutcracker!) Some people simply give candy or bring supplies to make friendship bracelets together backstage. Someone gave DD a Nutcracker book and music cd one year that she loved and still uses today, but that was probably quite pricy.

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Just wondering how common this is. Between my 3 kids, we've been involved in 8-9 nutcrackers at three different schools and I've never seen any kids giving out gifts for the show. I'm wondering if it's regional or we've just been oblivious this whole time.

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We have done handmade cards with the Cricut or stamps and written merde and well wishes inside. In the past Bath and Body Works had a winter line called Pink Sugar Plum and the mini hand sanitizers are pretty inexpensive. Celestial Seasonings tea also carries a Sugar Plum Spice and Nutcracker Sweet Tea. Last year we got a Nutcracker shaped candy mold on Amazon. My daughter and I had a lot of fun making tiny nutcracker chocolates and giving those as gifts to friends and teachers.

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lemlemish, I think it depends (like so many other things! LOL) on the parents! Traditionally, all the children in our Nut were given favor bags at the Cast Party. BUT last year some wealthy parents tried one-upping each other but only for small groups in the cast. Like the Polly's all wound up with embroidered jackets, makeup cases and professional makeup kits! They did it in front of the entire cast. Some moms and I were frankly offended. It was such an exclusionary move to do in front of the whole cast so we all contributed something to to the favor bags so ALL the kids were included (like the hair bows).

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Searching Nutcracker gifts and Merde gifts gives quite a long listing of things people have done over the year.

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At DS studio the only gifts we've done in 4 years of Nut have been between the boys in his cast of the party scene.

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