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Dear All,


I am seeking options for my DD (11yo) to study in or near Providence, Rhode Island. She is presently at SFB and studied in the BB's SI and privately in studios (SF and Poland). At present she is top of her class and thus we want her 'momentum in development' to continue. We prefer to not live in Boston (due to living expenses) but if nothing is available in Rhode Island then will likely need to make the sacrifice. One alternative is a top-notch teacher with private studio in the area; which has its' downsides but then may be an only alternative. She gives strong preference to Vaganova technique.


Any and all advice is warmly welcome!


Kind regards,


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I am so sorry I did not see this post earlier. My DD danced with Festival Ballet Providence in Rhode Island. She was in their Pre-professional program and absolutely loved it. Excellent instructors and very focused on proper technique. It is in fact Vaganova based.

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Hi! DD is 10 and we're looking into some new ballet school options. I couldn't find any recent information about the following schools (as I know artistic directors and teachers can change): State Ballet of RI, Heritage Ballet, and Festival Ballet of Rhode Island. Does anyone have any insight to share? These are all within an hour drive for us but we're not sure if one is much better or if they're all comparable. Thanks!

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