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I just got my first tutu ever last night, sooooo exciting! I can't believe how thrilling this is. I felt like a little girl, all squee-ey!


Feels like that first pair of pointe shoes. It's nice to know that while the novelty and thrill of new pointe shoes has worn off a bit (although, a brand new pair out of the package, all pink and gleaming satin is beee-yooo-ti--ful), that there's still new things that make me feel like a princess to be had.


So. Awesome.


Okay so it's 'only' a plain white rehearsal tutu, but still! A milestone I never achieved as a dancing teen. It feels like a whole new level of becoming a 'real' ballerina.


My class will be using the tutu just as is, just the plain white over black leo's, for our pointework numbers in the Xmas show. And, for the year end big recital the plan is to dress up the tutu with a bodice and overskirt for the costume.


My husband had a good laugh over my little girl reaction last night, and I also posed for some pics with the tutu on holding the Hallmark ballerina ornament in front of our Xmas tree.


The only thing I don't like is how delicate the darned thing is, and awkward, and fragile! At least it's hooped so I don't have to worry about it drooping, but still it's a finicky thing to put away without creasing anything. I hope I don't have to clean it too often, but I do have a big soaker tub that I can handwash it in as required.


I'm still giddy!

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Congratulations on your tutu! (I'm definitely jealous :wink:)

A first rehearsal tutu is super exciting, and now you can look forward to that princess feeling again in the future when you get your first 'real' tutu


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