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Flexed ankle and Achilles Tendon Lumps?


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When I sit cross legged, Native American style, with my legs and feet relaxed and ankle in maximum plantar ankle flexion (relaxed) I notice that the tendons (I assume these are the achilles tendons) above the back of my ankle look lumpy. No particular soreness beyond overall calf muscular soreness as I'm just getting back to ballet after over 10 years away. It kind of looks like the tendons create two little lumps from bunching up or wrinkling under the skin.


Am I being a total hypochondriac or is this how it's supposed to look? I never ever thought to look at this area of my body before returning to dance! Are you supposed to see the tendons like that when you're relaxed or is this a sign of inflammation?


ps. When standing normally, there are no signs of bulging, swelling or anything like that.

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I too have had lumps on my Achilles when they were sore from dance. The physio said they were inflammation and symptomatic of chronic (long term) tendonitis. I don't know if all lumps are the same but mine went away with treatment.

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