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Starting really late...


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Hello I don't know if this topic goes here but since I have a question about point and we are in "Point Shoes Topics"...

So I am fourteen and I have been dancing ballet for two months, I have two classes of 1h15.

I was just wondering if it is possible for me to go on point and if yes in how many years.

Also how often should I practice at home to go on point the quickest possible?

Thank you,



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Hi Vanilla, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! I moved your topic here to the YD forum, as the Pointe Shoe forum is literally just about the shoes. :)


Of course it's possible for you to go on pointe some day. Usually one should have at least 3 years of training, and at least the 3rd year, if not before, should include a minimum of 3 one hour and a half technique classes. A lot will depend on how much natural ability you have, along with the quality of your training. There are lots of topics here about classes and technique and pointe work, so enjoy some reading, and if you have questions, please ask them! :D

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I am a late starter but I got my pointe shoes about 7 months after I started…I don't have any foot problems. I think it might be possible, but I don't know how common my situation is...

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Prima_paloma, if you read my response above, you will see that it is quite uncommon. Seven months of training, even with daily classes 6 days a week with the highest quality instruction, would not normally fully prepare someone for pointe work. Students beginning ballet late, if VERY talented, might progress a bit faster than one starting at 8 or 9, however, in the US training for beginning students usually offers about 2 hours a week of technique classes. There is no way one can learn all that is needed, much less accomplish it to a degree of sufficiency for pointe in 7 months.

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Ms. Leigh,

Though I appreciate your thoughts, I do not agree. I trust my teachers and I trust myself enough to tell my dad when I feel I am injured. I fit the all other criteria for pointe work, according to my teachers, so I am not at all concerned.

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Prima_Paloma, I started ballet when I was 12 and went on pointe after 3 months of training. It is possible but make sure that you are getting proper training and strengthen your ankles and feet.

I switched studios and I now go to a very good pre-professional ballet school but, looking back, I wish I had gotten on pointe later because I wasn't fully ready strength- wise.

You should definitely try to take more classes :) Back then, I took 3 classes per week and I now take 5 times per week.

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I started ballet at the beginning of 6th grade when I was 11, taking one class per week. The next year I took three classes, and worked extremely hard on strength, flexibility, and coordination. This resulted in me being put on pointe at the beginning of the summer.

Like abunchofbunheads, I now dance at the pre-professional ballet school in my area (after auditioning and being rejected several times).

Anything is possible! Just make sure that you take enough classes and are ready strength wise to go on pointe.

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