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There is probably a forum for this already, but I have a question regarding arabesque pictures and auditions.


Is it appropriate for a 13 year-old (almost 14) to use an arabesque picture on flat in pointe shoes for an audition? Or would it be better to do it on pointe?


Thank you!

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Okay, I took some good ones today. Thanks for the reply!

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On some websites for auditions, they will have requirements. For example, on one of the websites of an SI I'm looking at, it says that an arabesque picture on demi-pointe or pointe is acceptable.

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On pointe would look more attractive. It also pushes your arabesque up a bit. But it depends on whether your pointe is good (which I'm sure it is)

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How does being en pointe push your arabesque up a bit?

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If the Summer Intensive you are auditioning for did not specify pointe or demi I would assume either is aceptable, however pointe demonstarates a dancer's ability. The general rule of thumb is if you are to execute a clean arabesque on pointe in center than do so in the picture!

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