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First Paid Dance Job


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So, I just got paid to dance.


The luxury mobile phone company Vertu wanted ballet dancers to perform for them at their new Vertu Constellation model launch here in Cambodia. They'd first asked my school to do something, but our AD is pretty much against dancing for any events that are commercial in nature, so the AD declined getting the school involved.


The events management company organising the launch are also pretty good friends of mine and they are sponsoring our school's triple bill performance this weekend by providing sound and light and tech staff, so I felt I had to help them. And I wanted to.


So after seeing me they and Vertu picked me to do a solo and asked me to chose another dancer for a duet.


I am still feeling quite elated. It was over so quickly. Less than 3 minutes of dancing in total. And I got paid $200, which is always nice. Here is some photographic evidence of me dancing. Oh, and I was on pointe on carpet and managed to pull it off.






Now I have to worry about this weekend's ballet. I am running around like a headless chicken. It's tough being only two persons organising a triple bill performance with 40 dancers. We are doing everything ourselves (even make a bloody curtain for the theatre because there is none there!?) and we're dancing in it as well. Waaaaaaaah! Hope everything goes well.

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Whoa, Pixie!!!


Way to go! Great to hear that!


and am sending all positive vibes for your weekend performance from your neighbourhood country. Please keep us updated!

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Oh, that's so awesome! Congrats, Pixie! Seems like fun :)


Sending good vibes for your upcoming show, too! You'll have to let us know how it goes :)

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I remember my first paid job...it is an amazing feeling. Congratulations...and sending good wishes to you for your performance that is coming this weekend!

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Thank you all. I'm on stage in exactly 10 hours from now! Waaaaaaaaaa!

I will post links to photos soon. Also we're having the whole thing filmed, so I'll put the whole ballet on our website. :)

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