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Ankle Strengthening

Lady Elle

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I've done a brief search here but did not find much. My daughter is looking for ankle strengthening exercises. she feels releves work her calves more than her ankles. Theraband works her ankles but what else can she do? I think part of her problem with her ankles en pointe are more of a confidence/ fear issue but i know if she feels she is doing something to strengthen her ankles, she will feel stronger and more confident en pointe, thanks,

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DD has had extensive time spent with PTs rehabbing her ankle following surgery for subluxing peroneal tendons. The PTs actually worked on her whole leg integrating the muscles. These PTs see a lot of dancers (SFB, Lines, and their students). They said dancers typically don't have near the leg strength they think they do.


DD did a lot of squats (yes, squats! ---and no, her legs did not bulk up. In fact, they developed even better lines), lunges, and she even runs for cardio. In addition, she did ankle exercises, but she rarely talked about those specifically, so I'd have to ask.


Following all her PT, she said it was so much easier to 'get on her leg' and to stay there. She was amazed how much difference the whole leg muscle integrating helped her line and technique.


So, perhaps a PT very familiar with dancers would be a good place to start in asking for exercises---and not just isolating the request to the ankles, but asking to strengthen the whole leg.

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