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Patellar tendon pain/flexibility


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So ds was having lots of knee pain, so we took him to Orthopedic doc. He said his patellar tendon hadn't caught up to his bone growth, and was source of knee pain. Stretching would help, activity as tolerated. Any stretches that are especially useful for this short patellar tendon?? Ds is working on flexibility in general right now as he is not naturally flexible and lost some when he grew so much this past summer/early fall.

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I would check with your orthopedic or possibly a physical therapist that has worked with dancers before.

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My son had patella femoral syndrome. Strengthening exercises and pilates seem to help. Work on building up both the outer and inner thigh muscles. His problem was that his outer quads were stronger than inner quads which caused the "knee cap" not to align properly. It also caused some swelling. He's 16. Growing in dance and demanding a lot of his body. I'm sure this is similar with your son. Their technical abilities are strong but their muscles need to catch up. My son also had an incredible growth spurt over the last 2 years.


I have also heard of muscles over developing and the bones needing to catch up.Good idea to get a pilates instructor or physical therapist involved.


Good luck.

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