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Out of the blue !!!!


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The end of last nights class was a bit of a bolt from the blue to say the least !


When we did the performance at end of Oct we had a local amateur orchestra playing the music, it seems they are now doing their own 2 night show in Mid January some of the music will be from Ballet's, they have asked if we would dance (we being 5 girls me and another guy who where in the crops de ballet) in the background of the stage while they play, I think 3 pieces of music from Ballets, not sure if we are doing yet, we are meeting to discuss tomorrow night


No Girlfriend support on stage this time, she just landed a 3 month contract to dance on some cruise liner starting first week in Jan, her first pro job !, really happy for her, she has wanted this all her life

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That's awesome, Andrew, for both you and your gf! A couple monhs back, I attended a show similar to the one in which you'll be performing. Our local symphony orchestra played classical pieces while some of the teenage and young adult students from my ballet school and other area schools danced. It was wonderful -- so beautifully done and a perfect showcase for area residents who don't typically get to see ballet performed in person.


Here's wishing you the very best of luck next month!

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Well second performance last night, supporting the amateur orchestra, a totally different experience, as was only 5 of us this time. They did not put it as such in programme so think all audience got a bit of a surprise to say the least !, We did 2 waltz's "in a ballet style" then a couple of ballet.


We all enjoyed it, I know I messed up at least two or three time in one piece though !


Before we left last comment Director of orchestra said to us "We must do this again"

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