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Adult Ballet in South East Asia


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So apparently some of us are from SEAsia. I was thinking maybe we can make a centralized post for info on adult ballet courses and ballet performances in this area (am still bummed that i didnt know Bolshoi performed in SG). And it will be fun if we can take classes together during vacation, like DaPixie and Sylphide!


OK, I will start with a question: am looking for an intensive course this summer or earlier. Am thinking Sydney Intensive, but it's in November. So appreciate if anyone can update me with any summer intensive in our area.

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Pixie has some really great links for Adult Intensive in Hong Kong - but I can't recall them off the top of my head. I want to do an intensive too, but going to Sun King is way too costly for me after travel, and it would be a 20 something hour flight just to get there.

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Yep. sunKing sounds great, but I dont think I can make it (especially now my currency is at all time low....)


Thanks to your hint, I asked Mr Google and found AGP Summer Intensive and Russian Ballet School winter intensive in HK. Am especially interested in the Russian Ballet School one, although I dont think I have time to arrange my works to take leave next week!. There will be 1.5 technique and 1.5 repertoire classes daily (although somehow I feel a bit uncomfortable with the anti-RAD sentiment posted in their website). Wonder if anyone cN comment on this school....

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I LOVED the teacher at Russian Ballet School, but I have to admit, their studio is so tiny and closet like, I can't imagine doing repertoire there. It was difficult just conducting a normal class. Unless they've moved facility, I'd be hard pressed to take an intensive at their location, but the teacher was wonderful. She's very grounded about Vaganova technique, and believe it or not, in class she doesn't bash RAD at all. Many Asians are very RAD oriented, and I noticed that when she had new people in her class that would do something RAD, she would ask them to do it differently (Vaganova) and clarify to the entire class that some schools teach this and some schools teach that, and RAD teaches that in particular, but in her school we are learning Vaganova so we'll do it like this. "Neither way is right or wrong." She had even said.


Of course, I'm quite biased because I walked in and she was immediately fond of me (even though we hadn't spoken) and my very Russian training background. At one point, in between exercises, she exclaimed, "This new student, she reminds me very much of my days back in school. Very much like training back in Russia." but she hated my non existent turn out off ground.


I would be extremely excited to do Russian Ballet School's intensive if I knew that they were at a different facility. I don't know anything about AGP.

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Wahhhhhh thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Glad to know it's a great program with no RAD bashing IRL (and Hongkong is indeed a good place for vacationing....)


I will go to their summer intesnsive, if any. Or just taking classes when am in HK.

From what I read, they are still in their old premise, though....

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If it's still at the old location, it's also super far from the Causeway Bay and Wan Chai area. :( Super far.

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Ladies, should we try to gt together for an SI somewhere in Southeast Asia this year?

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Husband has already suggested that I should get my derriere in gear to try this year! lol

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S o... who will go to AGP intensive this year . The week after that is the Russian summer intensive! Am so planning to join. Anyone get info on that program yet? I tried emailing thm but they haven't revert back to me.


Oh and the Russian one has new studio in HK island!

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Unfortunately I am not. I was considering the AGP Intensive, but it's in August and my school reopens by then. I cannot really abandon my workplace. Also, one week is too short for me and just two classes per day isn't enough for to qualify as an intensive for me. That's already the number of classes I take most days.


I am going to a three-week SI in Italy instead.

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