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Improving Front Extension


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I've always been really flexible and I can easily pull my leg to the side and back to 180 or more. However, my front extension has never been very good, as in, barely above 90 degrees sometimes. I have over-splits and everything, but really need to work on devant. Any tips or specific stretches I can do?

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Front extensions are often not as high as side or back, but they can be very lovely if they are 90 degrees and well placed and turned out. Never sacrifice rotation for extension! Pulling your leg up is one thing, and extending it in a developé is another. When you "pull" your leg side or back are you well placed and rotated, or is there some distortion?


Over splits are generally not a criteria, as they are distorted and not rotated. They are also unnecessary. Flexibility is one thing and ballet line is another. It takes a lot of time to develop if it is not natural, and that usually means that while one might have a lot of flexibility, they might not have a great amount of rotation.

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