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Training in a different method?


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Hello, I have a question about training in different methods. First some background:

I've mostly been training at three studios until now:


Studio 1 doesn't have any particular method, their teachers have varying backgrounds in dance. It is probably the most serious of the three, but I switched away from this school because I no longer felt challenged (very few corrections are given, most dancers are ignored) and I didn't agree with how certain things were run.


Studio 2 is an RAD school, they have almost all levels as well as very structured adult classes that quite a few teenagers attend. Their classes, especially the combinations, are difficult compared to the description - their 'Basic ballet' is another school's 'beginner intermediate' and their 'intermediate' is relatively advanced. I take 2 classes there.


Studio 3 is also based on RAD, but they have some other influences, as some teachers did teacher training in the USA. It is quite a small school but the teachers are very good, I've learned so much since I joined them in fall! I take 4 classes there.


I also take modern once a week at a contemporary school nearby.


All of them have had some students go on to professional training programs and careers in ballet or contemporary, although most students are recreational. During the week, I'm very happy with the training I get. However, they do not have Saturday classes, so I only get 4-5 days (Studio 1 had classes 6 days, so that wasn't a problem before).

I've been looking into several options, and the one I like best is a bit further away but has 3 hours on Saturdays, including ballet, Pointe & Variations and character, which are all things I need, and which are not available in my town! However, the school is Vaganova based, and I am mostly used to RAD or the mix from Studio 1. Do you think this would be an issue? Would it confuse me, or would it help me to become more versatile if I trained in a different method once a week? Any experience with this?

I would say I'm an intermediate student - better than most recreational dancers, but not quite at the level of the advanced prepro students yet.


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It should be fine, Katherine, but why not try it and see? There will be differences, but if the teachers are good, then you can learn a lot from working a bit differently. Ballet is ballet, and the use of a slightly different vocabulary, or little differences in port de bras and use of head and shoulders do not matter as much in the long run as the ability of the teachers. Check out the school, watch a class, look at their top dancers, take a class, and see how you like it and fit in there. :)

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Thank you very much Ms Leigh! I think it's a good school: the instructors are well qualified and give personal corrections, and classes are very small (6 or so people).

I will give it a go.

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