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What lift is this?


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Dancers are about 3 steps from each other the female executes a very small run while the male moves towards her enough to place his arm under her rib cage and lifts and supports her against his torso. She places her arm around his shoulder and leans away slightly with her legs in double attitude while the male does a single quick walking turn in place

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So this is not an overhead lift, but more of a side lift, right?

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Clara it's to the side on the hip, honestly think the lift and turn is a ballroom movement, pretty sure I've seen it on Dancing With the Stars in the past.

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OK found a link to a picture of the lift




I'd ask the instructor of the pas de deux class but the studio is closed for winter break.

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Ok. It's definitely a "lift" because both of her feet are off the ground. I don't know the actual terminology though. Sorry! Maybe Hans has an idea?

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Thanks Clara, it was the ending lift to a energetic combo that followed a series of overhead lifts that gave the beginning pas de deux students a little concern. One of the level 7 girls burst out with the comment "I'm still alive" the first time we got all the way through the combination. I of course found the exclamation funny. :happy:

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