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What would you do?


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I need some advice please. What would you do?

I just moved my 10 year old son to a new school this Summer. The faculty is great. The atmosphere of the school is welcoming. My son has been given a lot of attention and is doing well there. I should also mention that he has made some great friends in a very short time. Sounds great right?


Well here is my dilemma. I just found out that there is a school less than a mile from my house that was just opened this past summer by a family with outstanding credentials in the ballet world.


The owner is Yoira Esquivel Brito. She was a professional dancer from 1994-2001. She then joined the faculty at San Francisco ballet school from 2002-2010.


Yoira's mother, Madame Amparo Brito is a former Principal Dancer of the Cuban Ballet. Heralded as One of the Three Graces of the National ballet of Cuba, Amparo Brito is considered by the well-renowned critics as one of the greatest ballerinas of the twentieth century.


Yoira's father, Jorge Esquivel was a Principal dancer for the National ballet of Cuba. For more than 14 years Mr. Esquivel partnered legendary Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso.

In 1993, Mr. Esquivel joined the faculty of the San Francisco Ballet School where he also served as a principal character dancer.


From what I can gather, The school is less than 6 months old so there are not very many students yet. Yoira is the main teacher and her parents are guest teachers.

With the connections they have they also bring in other world renowned dancers for their summer intensive and master classes.


So what would you do? Do I keep my son at a good school where he is happy? Do I move him to the new school with the amazing faculty?


Is it detrimental for a child to move to a new school twice in one year?


I'm feeling very torn here. Any insight or advice you have is much appreciated.

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ok- here is what I think. If DS is doing so well as his current studio, I would leave him there. If the other studio is great, it will still be great later on. Perhaps he can do a summer program there but I think you shouldn't throw away a good experience on the hope that some celebrities will give him something better. Perhaps this new place will be exactly what you need later on, but it sounds like where he is now is just what he needs now.

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If things are going well with his current training and you are happy with the program I would stay where you are. Long term consistency in a young students training is most important.

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Lucky you, you have two great school in a driving distance! Yes, I would also keep DS at the current studio but follow the new school's development just in case.

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You are all answering the way my gut was telling me to go. Thank you for your thoughts. I guess I was just worried that I might be holding him back from something that could benefit him in the long run. Ultimately his happiness is the most important thing right now and Thyme you are right in saying that it can be an option down the road. I do feel lucky that we live in an area with a few great schools to choose from :)

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one dance teacher said to me that it takes several good teachers to make a dancer. Each one can teach something different that matters at different times. For a 10 year old, I think it is the time to feel safe and loved. When they are older, it is time to work hard and learn to strive. Enjoy now.

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We live 5 minutes away from our school and the closeness can't be beat. Is it possible for your son to study at both schools? How many days a week does he dance now? When we were considering changing schools, my children took class one day a week (recreational class) at the new studio for a whole year before they decided they wanted to transfer. You should be able to try a class or two without any formal commitment. The beauty of having a son in dance is the studio will more likely be willing to accommodate him. It never hurts to explore your options.

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Hlsst7 my son is currently taking ballet classes 5 days a week at his school. I think he is at a point where it is not going to be possible to split his classes between 2 different schools. I am however considering finding out more about the new schools Summer Intensive and upcoming Master Classes that they will be hosting.


This leads me to another question. Do I need to discuss the possibility of him taking a master class or joining the other schools summer intensive program with the Director of his current school? Is it bad form to do this without asking for permission? His current school has it's own Summer Intensive program as well. I'm not sure of the dates and it would be great if they were at different times so he could do both.

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15yo DS is doing a SI at a different school but this has been talked about in advance as part of expanding his experience. This is admittedly quite different than your situation as we are not considering a change. I think it is good manners to let your usual school know, not necessarily asking their permission but being respectful of their role as his teachers. Being secretive never works, particularly in the small dance world. Unless there has been some agreement that dancers are not to go to other schools for SIs, I don't see it as permission, just awareness of a bigger plan. Of wanting your DS to have exposure to other teachers, measure himself against other/better dancers, keep him in dance shape etc etc. We go to SIs for lots of good reasons and in truth many of us are 'checking out' whats out there! Not telling them will also place your dancer in an awkward situation of keeping the whole thing a secret. I don't think that is fair on kids. IF on the other hand, you fully intend to leave and have a bad relationship with the prior school (which it doesn't sound like for you do), then I don't think we owe those types of schools any information. But that is only if you want to burn a bridge :)

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Thyme I really appreciate your input. This is why I really enjoy this site. It is great that parents like me, that are inexperienced in the dance world, can get insight and information from others who have more knowledge and experience to share. ?

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