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Troupe competition or not?


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I am parent of a 15 yo ballet dancer. She has danced on and off 8 years. Currently on pointe once a week. Jazz and ballet 4 other days,
She has become attached to director of studio (that is not a competition studio). She is the lead in end of season recitals. Also short performances in winter. She also works at studio 2-3 days a week
Her wish is to compete now, (takes a technique class with ballet company at another dance academy.
She will audition there in June.
Question is: how can she move on but not severe ties with old place if she is accepted into the troupe?
. I think it's hard because she's never competed but has some talent. I don't think she can be professional. Does I matter? I would like her to continue to work at studio assistant teaching. She loves it too.
She also knows director will plan her to be lead next year and doesn't want to upset her plans for next season. I say don't worry about her, that getting better challenge is what we pay for. I'm am also very fond of director.

Thanks for reading.

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Esposla, what kind of competitions does the school do? And, what kind of a dancer does your daughter want to be? It sounds to me like neither school is about training professional ballet dancers, but maybe they are good at training jazz and contemporary dancers?


The question you have to answer is whether she is getting the best training available for what she wants to do. Whether she wants to dance professionally or not, the benefits of excellent training are vast and last for a lifetime. So, before I go any further, please tell me more about her goals and about the competition program. (It's best not to name the schools. I removed the name of the competition school from your post.)

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Thank you for removing the studio name. I didn't realize.

I apologize for not being versed in dance programs. My daughter has progressed pretty quickly and we only recently considered trying another studio. The studio she currently attends is not pre-professional and doesn't claim to be. The other studio [where she plans on auditioning] competes in NYCDA [New York City Dance Alliance]; they claim to be pre-professional and travel to compete.

I am committed to support her whichever she chooses.


Is this forum only for ballet? If she wants to dance professionally with a company after colllege, should she be more advanced by now.


Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about her goals. That tender age of 15; just not sure. Just wants to dance and seems to be smitten with ballet.


Our biggest problem seems to be leaving one studio for another. We both want a more challenging environment but have been happy at the current studio.


I will read other posts to get familiar with programs and maybe that can assist me in helping her decide.

Thank you.

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Yes, is she wants ballet, then she must get to a pre-pro program immediately. She should be in ballet technique and pointe classes at least 5, preferably 6 days a week. Be careful of competition schools, as they are generally not ballet specific, nor have programs that are geared for the very serious dancer. If you go to our Career and Education Category, there is a forum there on Residency and Pre-pro Schools. You will find information on many schools around the country, and some abroad as well. There should be a number of schools in your area if you are not too far from the city.

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Guest chappiedancemom

My DD danced in a troupe for 4 years. She was trained in classical ballet from age 7-11 including 2 years at SAB. She wanted to try other styles so we found a competition studio that believed in ballet as a foundation but were also strong in lyrical, contemporary and jazz. After 4 years my DD was burnt out from competing and wanted to go back to classical ballet. So at age 15 she went back to a Pre-pro classical ballet school. She is very happy and her technique improved significantly. She even landed the role of Sugarplum fairy this year! If your daughter does not aspire to be a classical ballet dancer then competition dance may be a good way of becoming a well rounded dancer for college, or if she aspires to dance professionally on Broadway or in a contemporary company. But make sure she doesn't lose her ballet technique so if this competition studio offers limited ballet and the training is not at the caliber she is used to, supplement with training outside this studio if possible. My daughter's studio competed at NYCDA and other "high caliber" competitions and my daughter even won a national title at Onstage New York with a contemporary pointe solo! Also you may not realize that Tyler Peck of NYCB and Dusty Buttons of Boston Ballet were both comp dancers at NYCDA! Good luck to your daughter!

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Chappiedancemom, I fixed it for you. If you look at the bottom of each post there is an Edit feature, so that you can correct your posts. :)

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That's okay, chappiedancemom. :) We all learn new things all the time, and this is a big board, and not all that easy at first. We do understand that!

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