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Question on a lift idea


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7 of us from the class we all attend every week, (5 girls and 2 guys) have sort of got together out of the class to practice etc on our own. One of the girls after last night session wants to try something, next time and was wondering if anyone had heard of this before or any advice would be welcome


Basically what her thought is to form like an archway , with the other guy and myself each lifting one of the girls holding them at about knee level, at about our chest height, the girl facing us, we the guys, will be back to back, once lifted the girls will lock hands and we will walk one or two steps forward so forms like an archway , or the other option is that the guys face each other , girls facing them, the girls then bend backwards to join hands to and the guys walk a few steps backwards form the archway


Her idea being that any solo performers etc can walk through the arch at the end of any show to take their bow or build in somehow to a "routine"




We have not tried yet came up after last nights session when we decided to go get a coffee before heading home

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Doesn't sound like a ballet-based lift? More like a cheerleading move?

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I think its a safe bet its not a "traditional" ballet lift. Not sure on the cheerleading bit, as we don't really have them in UK as such. She likes to explore and push the boundaries a bit choreography wise, (something she has been doing as amateur for a while) not sure how would work, she must have something in mind !

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I'd recommend that the gents stand facing each other.... Distances are hard to judge when standing backwards, which opens the door for more problems/accidents.

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Think that's sound advice ! and last think we want is any accidents as you say. Will see what she has in mind tomorrow night, we are all getting together for a Christmas drink, so no doubts she will want to discuss

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AndrewUK, my students are often involved in cheerleading as a dance activity, so it is very much in the UK!

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